About Us

About Us

Welcome, I'm Lauren Williams owner of LaBlu Serenity. I'm a wife and mother of one girl and two boys. When I first started, I was just making body sugar scrubs for me, my family, and close friends. I am one that suffer from skin problems, in the winter months my skin gets really dry and patchy. In the summer months my skin is dry, very itchy, and I get these dry patches under my neck and on my chest. I went to see a doctor for my skin issues and she informed me I have a mild case of eczema and prescribed me some cream to use. I used the cream the doctor prescribed to me, but I wanted to use something that was all natural, but still get the job done. 

I started to make small batches of body sugar scrubs, and let me tell you, it left my skin feeling so refreshed. Not only did it exfoliate my dry skin, it gave me the right amount of moisture that my skin needed without having to apply a lot of different products. My son also suffer from skin problems. He gets these big dry patches of skin on his lips and seeing this drives me crazy. I started using the sugar scrub on his lips about 2 to 3 times a week and it works wonders. A lot of our products contain the ingredient coconut oil which helps with dealing with various skin conditions, and serves as a antibacterial and anti-fungal agent. We also use a lot of other natural ingredients that have many health benefits.

Fast forward to the launch, The beginning of this year I started to make handmade infused soaps and whipped body butters for people to try out. The response we got back about our products was great. It gave us a chance to see what worked and what did not work. We made the necessary changes that we needed to make our products just right. All of our products contain all natural ingredients, and are handcrafted.

I stand by every product that our company launches. LaBlu Serenity is a business that I pray continues to grow. I dedicate this brand to my brother Michael Johnson who was killed in the year 2006. For anyone that has lost a love one. keep going and live on for them. 


Lauren Williams,


LaBlu Serenity Products