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LaBlu Serenity


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De-stressed Yoni soap is handcrafted and formulated to promote healthy vaginal bacteria and regulating your PH. This rosemary infused soap will cleanse and moisture your most precious area. De-Stressed Yoni soap is 100% Natural and made with Organic ingredients.


Disclaimer: This soap is not to used inside the vagina. Apply your Yoni soap to your external intimate area. (area around the vagina)


  • Goat Milk-good for ph levels and brightening the skin.
  • Coconut Oil-help treat acne and protect from harmful bacteria.
  • Vitamin E Oil- helps with skin damage. 
  • Jojaba Oil- help soften both skin and hair.
  • Tea Tree Oil- has a powerful antibacterial and anti fungal properties that can help with bacterial.
  • Shea Butter
  • Aloe Vera